PARADISI connoisseurs – we are confident, affluent, hard-working and want to enjoy the very best that life offers.

We are gracious, elegant, effortless and stylish. We feel-good about ourselves, our family, our friends and our homes. We respect traditions but relish fresh ideas and designs. We recognise trends but don’t want to follow the crowd.

We work hard, have a moral code of conduct and like order in our lives – but we also have a sense of spirit and fun, seeking pleasure in the simplest things in life. We seek out timeless beauty that makes our toes tingle.

About Paradisi

PARADISI creations are bespoke, unique and distinctive and have been described as precision art, but art to be used, caressed and enjoyed as well as admired and displayed. Each part of each piece is painstakingly designed and engineered, whether visible or not, and then machined to perfection.

All PARADISI's metal parts are machined from billet block, using mainly aerospace-grade titanium or aluminium.

PARADISI uses the same CAD software used to create the Eurofighter Typhoon and every minute detail of every angle, chamfer and radius is obsessively perfected in 3D space. Each piece is individually machined on a 5-axis or more CNC milling machine, often taking many of hours to perfect and even though the tolerences are microscopic each part bears its own unique machining fingerprint and is then individually numbered. No hand finishing is required nor normally wanted.


PARADISI  accepts commissions for one chair to a 20 seat board room and home cinema to a hotel reception area. We are used to, and enjoy, working with interior designers to fulfil your brief.

All PARADISI creations can be personalised to suit  you.

For more information and to book a personal consultation to discuss a project or view our design portfolio please contact us +44(0)7598 921 688.

About Simon

Simon Firullo, owner and designer, was born in London but his passion for design can definitely be traced back to his Italian heritage.

He was designing and creating things at a young age and then went on to hone his skills with a degree course at Middlesex University.

Since graduating, Simon has been busy designing for large and small clients such as Anglo American Oil Co, Cisco Systems, F3&GT Championships, IPC Media, PricewaterhouseCoopers and RT Quaife Engineering.

In 2010 Simon decided to launch his own exclusive brand of furniture using mostly materials normally the preserve of NASA and Formula One.

Simon is as unique as his furniture and once he starts talking his love for his work is abundantly clear.

Simon thrives on challenges and demanding briefs and is always busy creating his unmistakable products for his varied international clientele.


Paradisi Curve

Paradisi Embrace

Paradisi Vanna

Paradisi SuperLight

Paradisi LeviTable

Design sketches

A'Design Award Winner 2015 Silver for Paradisi Curve Chair


All PARADISI's metal parts are machined from billet block, using, mainly, aerospace-grade aluminium or titanium.

Titanium is one of the strongest and most durable materials on the planet normally used in spacecraft, jets, ships, Formula One and surgical implants.

Aluminium is remarkable for the metal's low density and for its ability to resist corrosion due to the phenomenon of passivation.

The carbon fibre composite is treated with exactly the same care and respect, every carbon fibre layer is laid by hand meticulously to ensure the weave is perfect and the result flawless. All components are autoclave processed to ensure maximum consolidation. We also produce the master patterns and moulds.


The individual fingerprint-like tool path marks left by the machining process is unique and in our opinion the perfect finish that needs nothing more.

Of course, if you are looking for a specific finish or colour to match your interior design theme there are several to choose from: anodising (see left for some of the colours available – colours may vary slightly), chrome plating, nickel plating, gold and silver plating, DLC – diamond-like coating, polishing, painting, powder coating, gilding, etc – the list is long.

The descriptions can get a bit long-winded and boring so it is easier if you tell us what colour and whether you like shiny, matt, brushed etc and we will suggest the best process and show you examples.

(If you are interested our finishers will be happy to explain.)


For more information and to book a personal consultation to discuss a project or view our complete design portfolio please contact us on

+44(0)7598 921 688 or


Commissions & prototypes

PARADISI accepts commissions for a wide range of projects. We are used to, and enjoy, working with interior designers to fulfil the most demanding brief.

Current projects: reception area, home cinema, yacht interior, private jet interior, watch, chairs, tables, sculpture, chandelier, lights and laptop computer case and a couple of prototypes.


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