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Our commitment to you – nothing is impossible!

Tell us what you would like the room for and we will design it to do that job perfectly.


It could be: extra space for your growing family; a home office; a home cinema; a home gym; a dojo for martial arts training or a kick-boxing studio; a music studio; a ballet studio; a snooker room; a sauna; a place to start that company you've been meaning to start for years; a pool house with a sauna and a waterfall (why not?); a place for entertaining with an outdoor kitchen and decked seating area and a fire-pit and a pizza oven (everybody loves freshly-made pizzas); a workshop with a lathe and milling machine for repairing things or restoring classic motorcycles or turning them into café racers etc etc.


Let your imagination go wild and we will deliver.


We like easy builds but we really love challenges so however crazy you think your idea is we can do it – nothing is impossible!


Your garden room

Once you’ve made the decision to transform your life and garden the work can begin.


We will sit down with you and get your ideas down on computer. We gather as much information as possible from you about your tastes and how you expect to use the garden room. If you have mood boards prepared that's even better.


Once we have what we need, our amazing designers, architects, structural engineers, interior designers (who ever we need to fulfil the brief) will get to work on the design and structure etc that perfectly fits the image and function you wanted.


As the project progresses, we work with you side-by-side to make changes and improvements as they come up. When we do deliver the final product, you’ll see your vision crafted by our expertise into its perfect architectural expression.

What we do

Materials We know you expect quality and so do we. Why would we waste our master craftsmen’s skill on anything other than the highest quality materials? The vendors we choose have the highest standards, not just for the durability and finish of their goods, but for the environmental impact of how they are sourced and manufactured. It’s more than merely a job to our people and we are proud of what we do and what we do it with.

Our technology

Our constant pursuit to innovate, use modern materials and smart thinking means we use the latest technology solutions to optimise space, create less waste and make sustainable, energy efficient buildings together with our un-waivering commitment to top-quality craftsmanship.


When it comes to actually building the space of your dreams, we have a few clever ideas, as well. Our methods save money and time. By using an end-to-end design process for manufacturing and installation we greatly simplify and shorten development and build time in the workshop and on site.


We use advanced prefabricating techniques, which allow us to keep on-site building time down thus creating minimum disruption to you, your family and your neighbours. After the designs have been signed off, depending on the size and complexity, the whole process from receipt of the first payment to handing you the keys should take between 6-12 weeks.


We deliver on time and on budget every time.

Contact us

Every bespoke project has it own complexities and challenges and for peace of mind you will need a team that can fulfil that brief with meticulous attention to every detail and over deliver on your expectations – we are that team.


Contact us now to arrange a design consultation.


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